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feeling excluded in work

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wishesandkisses Fri 22-Apr-16 19:48:12

I work for a drugs service where I'm apart from all but one of my team for most of the day. All the teams aside from admin are upstairs and whilst we all get along they plan trips, nights out and lunches together.

The collegue who sits beside me has worked there longer than me and gets invited out. And it's sad to say that I'm hurt. I am friendly and outgoing and we're always very nice to each other but one has just sent a birthday email out and I'm not included. I thought we were friends sad

Although I get on with the admin team I'm not even invited to there nights together. I even didn't get invited to the Xmas do! I had a friend who has left and I feel that it's hard without her but still she got invited too. I feel very excluded. They're all very nice to me. I thought it was because I was young but somebody my age has recently joined and she's been invited already. I'm very hurt. Any advice?

LuckyTr33 Fri 22-Apr-16 21:25:53

Go to the bakery or bake your own cakes

Take enough into work for everyone and hand them round the office and smile and maybe have a brief chat with each person

May be take some fruit for people who dont like cake

Watch out for nut allergies

Say it is in honour of x day (make up a day if necessary)

Dont make any comments about how much it cost you to buy or bake the cakes

It is just a nice thing to do

ChessieFL Sat 23-Apr-16 07:14:15

Can you organise a night out yourself? Once you've been on one night out they're more likely to include you in future ones.

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