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Can an employer go back on hours that were agreed before returning from maternity?

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uhoh2016 Mon 18-Apr-16 21:21:54

Just that really? I asked for specific days (not necessarily hours) back in Nov based on when I could arrange childcare without having to put DC in nursery, also I work weekends and have 3 dc so obviously I can't use school or nursery on these days so need to rely on family to have dc. Unfortunately working weekends are non negotiable (I work in retail )so not am option to drop them as much as I'd love too. I asked for specific days/hours for the weekend to co inside when I had child care.
This was all agreed back in Nov and I returned to work in Feb now my employer is trying to change this stating needs of the business. Why agree In the 1st place if it wasn't viable? I could've looked for another job or arranged possibly a nursery if I'd have known this back in Nov. I want to avoid nursery if I can purely from the financial point of view. Dh also works weekends and earns loads more than me so not financially viable for him to drop days so I can work.
Sorry for the rant trying to get out as much relevant info as I can, anyway my point is can they do this? Have I any rights? Can I simply say no I'm not changing etc?

flowery Tue 19-Apr-16 08:48:50

What exactly does "this was all agreed" mean? Did you have a contract variation letter confirming the arrangement, and was it agreed as a result of a formal flexible working request?

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