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Had a 2nd opinion on annual review ..and

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Millionairerow Sun 17-Apr-16 11:40:39

My head of dept agrees that it was overly negative and was marked down when I shouldn't have been. Essentially I haven't got on with immediate manager and I'm leaving my current job because of the clash. But in my annual appraisal it's clear she's taken out her personal feelings into account rather than being objective over the whole year. My head of dept said I could take out a grievance it with leaving anyway, not sure there is a point. I had a good 4 years but since we acquired this new company and reported to this new manager she has been so negative about my performance and it's been bordering on bullying at times. The thing upsetting me most is my professional reputation and our industry is small and everyone knows someone in similar competitor organisations. For eg my current boss worked with the person who'll be my new boss. Should I challenge it. Essentially in a couple of goals my manager put me down from exceeds some to doesn't meet. My head of dept agrees with my evaluation.unfortunately my head of dept has her own axe to grind as part of the acquisition. WWYD? Is raising a grievance permanent on your record re future refs?

maggiethemagpie Sun 17-Apr-16 16:08:04

I think you have to consider it very carefully before you raise a grievance. Rightly or wrongly it can lead to a perception that you're a troublemaker.

I have just had a poor appraisal, and I think a lot of the things they are saying I need to change are things I'm already doing. Some grains of truth have been completely exaggerated. Rather than oppose it though I am going to make them think I've improved between now and the next review (although I know a lot of the things they say I'm not doing I already am doing)
That way I'll get the pat on the back without them losing face.

I didn't get a poor rating though - just an average rating with a lot of development areas.

Do you have strong evidence why your rating is wrong. A grievance without evidence to back your cause can be fairly pointless.

HermioneWeasley Sun 17-Apr-16 16:11:24

Is there no appeals process? Is your head of dept senior to your manager? Can't s/he just talk to your manager and get it amended?

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