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Has anyone on done CIPD Assosicate Level through experience assessment?

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helsbells23 Sun 17-Apr-16 10:23:03

Hi all
I'm hoping someone could help me? I am currently doing my Associate Level through the experience assessment route and I'm looking for some guidance on the case study. Has anyone recently been through this that could help?
Any support, help etc. would be greatly appreciated x

lblackb Mon 30-May-16 12:00:20

Hi there,
I have just had my initial pre-assessment discussion and sent my application form off today to start the 8 weeks/3 assessments. I'm really anxious about the Case Study part, I read on another forum someone saying they are planning on quoting research and studies? Like a Uni assignment? Is this also what you plan on doing as well as personal experience? Keen to hear any suggestions on how much in detail we did to go into for each of the 8 behaviours assessment part. Lindsey

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