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Mat leave and moving out of the area

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putputput Sun 17-Apr-16 09:19:25

Could anyone tell me how it works if I was to move out of the area immediately as I start mat leave? Talking several hundred miles, so will not be returning. I know morally it seems a bit iffy but is this legal and will I still receive full amount. I will be honest with hr about what I decide
I work as a nurse in a charity sector, non NHS.

FuzzyOwl Sun 17-Apr-16 09:21:43

If you just get SMP, then you are still entitled to all of the money. However, if you get an advanced maternity package, you employer may state that you have to return to work for a set period of time afterwards or else you have to repay part or all of the money (above SMP) back.

maggiethemagpie Sun 17-Apr-16 16:47:30

You can live wherever you want whilst on mat leave!

As PP said you may have to repay some of the money if paid over SMP. Can you ask for a copy of your maternity policy to see if this is the case?

HR may ask you to resign and be paid up your maternity pay if they know you are not returning but if you do this you'll lose your entitlement to accrue holiday which you can cash in if you resign at the end of mat leave.

seven201 Sun 17-Apr-16 16:59:17

You need to find out what the situation for your work is. I'm a teacher and have to return to work for 13 weeks otherwise I'd have to pay part back - not that I'm leaving.

MummyBex1985 Sun 17-Apr-16 21:08:07

You're entitled to the full amount of statutory mat pay by the time you're around six months pregnant so whatever happens after that is up to you! I wouldn't resign until the last minute though as a PP said - you might as well claim your holiday pay!

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