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Charity - no pay rise for 8 years!

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maisiejones Sat 16-Apr-16 12:43:35

I'm a manager for a small charity. My team provide the client service, the core business of the charity. They are amazing, skilled, dedicated, hard-working and caring people who go the extra mile for our clients. We all work for considerably less than market rate as we love what we do. We are a truly happy, fulfilled and cohesive team and I consider myself very lucky to have them. We have had no pay increase for eight years as the charity has never been wealthy. Last year it had a significant injection of cash and is now in a good place financially. I have been pushing and pushing the trustees to carry out a pay review which they eventually agreed to. After much discussion over several months things were looking hopeful. There was a meeting last week for managers and trustees to discuss final details which I missed due to illness. When I met with my management team colleagues yesterday, there are three of them managing various support services, finance, fundraising etc. I was told that there would be no pay increase this year as it was not budgeted for and staff are now expected to wait until next years budget. The other three managers seem to have rolled over and accepted this but I am incandescent with anger on behalf of my team. It has been apparent for years that the trustees don't value my team, nor do they realise how skilled they are or the difficult and stressful situations they face daily. I have pointed out vociferously on so many occasions that we will lose valuable people that will be hard to replace but the trustees just don't seem to care. I don't care for myself, I don't need the money but am devastated that I have to go in on Monday and tell my wonderful team that once again, they are being treated like shit! I have actually not slept all night as I am in such a rage.

LuckyTr33 Sun 17-Apr-16 09:58:20

Does it say in the T&Cs that a yearly pay review will occur and on a set date ?

Is there a process in place where you have to meet targets or something measurable each month or each year, to be eligible for a pay rise ?
These targets would have to be achievable and monitored
So that not everyone would probably receive a pay rise
A pay rise is not generally guaranteed

If there is no formal process, then I guess the charity does not have to pay any of you a pay rise

How much pay rise were you expecting ?

Because people that I know who do not work for charities have had no pay rise or very small eg 1%


I believe you can look at all charities and see how much senior members get paid (public information)

I guess people who donate to their favourite charity do not expect charity workers to be getting 10% pay rises !

Does that put things into perspective ?

maisiejones Sun 17-Apr-16 10:41:05

Our contracts do say there will be a pay review each year. Of course this does not guarantee an increase. No, there are no set targets - these would be pretty impossible given the nature of the work. You say that people you know have had either a very small or no pay rise. I'm pretty sure that these people haven't been on the same rate of pay for the last eight years as we have! And no, I wasn't expecting 10% for my team but a cost of living rise would have at least been a gesture. Dedicated and loyal people are being taken advantage of. There is only so much people will take before their goodwill is completely eroded and I think my staff have been more than patient. So I'm afraid your response doesn't change my perspective one bit but thank you for trying.

Hedgehogparty Sun 17-Apr-16 19:42:52

I would investigate what other charities are paying and if your current pay is lower, then present your findings to the trustees.

You aren't asking for 10% - 8 years with nothing is quite a pay cut

ilovesooty Sun 17-Apr-16 21:56:16

I work for a charity and our last pay rise was in 2010 if I remember rightly. In 2012 the team I worked in underwent restructuring. Three people were made redundant and a pay cap resulted in a cut for several members of staff.

It is really hard in the third sector.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Tue 19-Apr-16 00:02:29


I can understand you're upset. 8 years is a long time.

I hate the idea that charity workers aren't entitled to a pay rise. That is very Daily Fail retoric...

Who is in charge? You or is there a CEO/Director? If you, what is your relationship like with the Chair? Or if there is a leader what do they think about it?

Is the cash injection unrestricted? If it is restricted it can be difficult to use for core costs.

When is does the next budget year start?

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