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Cheeky help request re tax?

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ChoccyJules Wed 13-Apr-16 13:58:15

Hi, by all means refer me to a tax advisor, just wondered if among the collective wisdom anyone knew about the Expenses & Benefits part of tax.

I drive around for work and want to check that this bit has been done properly by my employer (P11D form) but I'm afraid the HMRC website has bamboozled me.

I want to know how I check that the taxable amount they've put in section E is correct and if there's a different calculation to do if my employers pay more mileage than the government chart states (where it say 45p/mile).

Thanks for anyone who takes pity on me...cake

Ellypoo Wed 13-Apr-16 17:01:43

You don't need to put mileage onto a P11D form unless they pay you over the HMRC rates (45p/mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25p/mile thereafter) - what amount have they put in, and what rate do they pay you?

prh47bridge Wed 13-Apr-16 17:28:46

Take your total mileage for the tax year. Work out how much you have received using your employer's mileage allowance. Work out how much you would have received if your employer had used the HMRC rates (45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles, 25p per mile thereafter). Assuming your employer has paid you more than the HMRC rates the amount that goes into box E is the difference between the two figures you have worked out.

For example, let us imagine your employer pays 60p per mile and you have done 5,000 miles. Your employer will therefore have paid you £3,000 in mileage allowances. If your employer had used HMRC rates you would have received £2,250. The amount to go into box E is therefore £750 (= £3,000 - £2,250).

ChoccyJules Wed 13-Apr-16 20:26:43

Ok thanks that's really clear, will do that :-)

ChoccyJules Wed 20-Apr-16 13:28:13

Finally got those figures onto paper and I make the difference for box E nearly £100 different to what my employer has filled in. So I will go online and ask HMRC to check it. Thanks folks.

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