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87 year old boss what to do?

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SuperFlyHigh Tue 12-Apr-16 08:01:23

I'm a legal PA/secretary been in a new job almost 5 months now. Great on paper lovely colleagues etc which compared to my last job but one is amazing.

However I have an 87 year old boss, a widower, yes you read right who is a lovely man etc but very forgetful (as he would be at that age), his son who works in the same company wants him to retire (he does a 4 day week) but I personally think he'll work until he drops. I was told yesterday he wasn't the same after his wife died which at a guess is 15 years ago. My boss also is hard to speak to because although he has a hearing aid it's rarely switched on. My patience is really stretched to the limit and I'm usually quite patient.

Anyway his office is a mess, files everywhere (tried to tidy it) and he's also had his previous PA/sec leave after a few months or a year at most.

I'm not the tidiest or most organised person at the best of times but I do what I can. I'm finding working with him hard though as he loses files, forgets things and I'm constantly on top of him (more than a PA usually is) he also has a lot of clients which he's being told don't take on new ones (but he does).

We rub along fine generally but then some thing is lost or forgotten and I wonder what I'm doing there.

This job was a stopgap after I left another one last year. I've just signed up to do HR and payroll introduction courses as want to go into office management - they're for May and short but imformative.

I worked happily with another boss for 5 years (apart from bullying by coworkers for some of that time) but I had a relatively tidy office for us all, tidy files and tidy desk. The whole if this office looks as if a bomb has hit it (typical usual lawyers office!).

Anyway should I look to leave now, see if it gets better or?

dotnet Wed 13-Apr-16 12:40:00

To me, the old man sounds OK (but then, I'm not in your shoes).

Might it help if you were to keep a ready reference of where you put things for him day by day? For your eyes, not his. That might make finding stuff for him easier.

It certainly does sound as if you do need to do a bit more than the usual for this particular boss.

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't, I think; personally from what you've said, I think I'd prefer to hang on to the job.

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