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Anyone work in Museum Education?

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ChoccyJules Tue 05-Apr-16 21:34:01

Hi, I have recently come to the scary conclusion that I want to dare leave my job, which pays well, is specialist and is now apparently affecting my health. Someone asked me what I'd do if I could do anything and I said work in a museum. This long-held dream used to be 'dress up and work in one of the living museums as a character from the past' but has recently morphed into working with the education team on activities and provision for children and young people.
Problem is, I have no qualifications in any area of History. I am a qualified teacher, also a qualified specialist teacher for deaf children, experienced in working with children with complex physical, developmental and emotional needs, well-trained in safeguarding and can get by in a number of languages. I think my skills are transferable but am aware those with a History PhD might think I'm a bit of an interloper.
Have I a chance in this field? Should I do some volunteer work first? Or maybe go for an assistant post which would pay much less than I currently bring home but get me a foot in the door?
Thanks for any advice and please, if you recognise me, be discrete. Thanks.

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