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please help working out holiday entitlement?

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everythingsgoingsouth Fri 01-Apr-16 09:08:57

Hi, could someone help me work out what should be my holiday entitlement for 2016/17please?

contract says 25 days/187.5hours for full time, plus bank holiday in lieu days (only 6 BHs this coming year)

I work 26 hours a week over 4 days, and will be entitled to the 6 BH in lieu days as well.

Can you work out from this how many annual leave hours I should be entitled to please?

Thanks in advance

redhat Fri 01-Apr-16 09:09:59

Are you in england? we have 8 bank holidays per annum

redhat Fri 01-Apr-16 09:10:28

Is the 6 your pro rated entitlement. Need to know what the full time hours are in order to calculate your entitlement.

treaclesoda Fri 01-Apr-16 09:15:05

What hours would you work if you were full time? Take the leave entitlement in hours, divide by the full time hours and then multiply by the hours you work.

I find it easiest to take all annual leave in hours plus all bank holidays in hours as one figure, then just factor out of my leave allowance all the hours that's I have to take, because they are bank holidays. Then whatever is left is my leave allowance.

everythingsgoingsouth Fri 01-Apr-16 09:16:28

well,my contract says I'm entitled to 8 BH days, but in the year 1.4.2016 -31.3.2017 there are only going to be 6 BHs so everyones been saying we'll get less days?

full time hours would be 7.5 over 5 days

thank you

Bluelilies Fri 01-Apr-16 09:16:34

187.5 hours for full time suggest they think full time is 7.5 hours a day, or 37.5 hours a week. So you get 26/37.5 times 25 days = 17.5 days leave (to the nearest half day)

Plus if your bank holidays are pro rata then you get 4 of them rather than 6.

I'm presuming there's only 6 bank holidays for you this year because you're on an April to Mach year that includes no Easters during 2016-17?

OpenMe Fri 01-Apr-16 09:17:49

It's just a %. So if a full-time week is 35 hours you get 26/35 x full time holiday entitlement. The bank holidays are pro-rated too though, so you get 26/35 x 6 days (why 6?)

everythingsgoingsouth Fri 01-Apr-16 09:21:02

Thanks so much- that makes perfect sense, thanks for explaining it so well smile

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