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desperately seeking advice

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Ohgodwhat Fri 01-Apr-16 01:18:47

Hi, really hoping for some advice. I've been knocked for six..

I started at my current company on a temporary contract in June (big national company). My temp contract was extended beyond the initial 3 month timeframe as they were very pleased with my work. I was asked if I'd be interested in going perm if a role came about. I said I'd be delighted. I got on very well indeed with my team and my manager and received great feedback from her.

I was absolutely over the moon when I was offered a permanent role with another team (in ultimately the same department if that makes sense). Everything was going brilliantly, this team is renowned for having a harder time - the workload is larger but ultimately I enjoy the work. Two weeks ago I had a meeting with my manager who said she was very pleased with my work. Happy days.

Today I was called into a meeting to say that she wasn't happy with my work. I'm not hitting targets (impossible to hit them all as certain vendors aren't paying into the accounts which is standard and part of the job. Out of my control. Other team members have the same problem. She has said that im being invited to a meeting entitled "unsuitability to do the job" and I will likely be suspended. I asked if I would be sacked and she said this was likely. I was sick to my stomach and couldn't muster the strength to challenge this.

There are only 2 things which come to mind which could be affecting this:
- last week I made an error. At the end of the business day last Friday I was asked to do something on the spur of the moment and made an error on the system. This was rectified
- two weeks ago a colleague from my old team said that a lady on the team is retiring an my old manager (the one I got along with) said they were all saying how perfect I'd be for this role. Nothing happened so I didn't persue thisI am planning to have a chat with my old manager to see if she knows about anything that has happened here? Is it worth asking if I can switch back to her team. I know that they can sack me without any problem as I have less than 2 years' service and haven't yet passed my probabtion period.

I get the feeling that she is in trouble because we haven't hit target (she says herself that she doesn't know what we all do) and im the scapegoat.

I cannot think straight and am desperate for some advice. If the worst happens, this will look awful on my cv. Frantic with worry.

qwerty70 Fri 01-Apr-16 01:36:20

Not sure how to help but didn't want to read and run. Are you part of a union?

Ohgodwhat Fri 01-Apr-16 01:39:59

thank you so much - im not, no.

My main issue is that I cannot understand why they would bother going to these lengths (ie meeting with HR on Monday) when she has already said I will be suspended and then dismissed. Seems so extreme when I had a glowing feedback session with her just 10 days ago

antimatter Fri 01-Apr-16 01:47:12

Cost cutting in the team perhaps?
HR myst be involved if you are permanent but I believe as you have been ther under 2 years they can get rid of you very quickly.

Best to brush up your cv this weekend and start spplying again.

Ohgodwhat Fri 01-Apr-16 01:49:06

Thanks so much for your reply.

My sister is in HR and she thinks this is weird. She actually suspects this too. Would it be worth being upfront with them about this suspicion? And do you think it's worth speaking with my previous manager?

antimatter Fri 01-Apr-16 01:56:31

I am not sure if your previous manager can do much.
As you said one hedcoubt in her team is not been replaced.
Sometimed is better to know that our job is going due to cost cutting than hearing lies.

Most likely is nothing to do with you.
Just rrmrmber tgat youbfounf this job and was succesful so you will again!

I am starting new job on Monday. It took me just 3 weeks to find it. I am in quite specialised area in IT and was able to see that there are many jobs and it was a matter of finding one where they needed my skills.

DPotter Fri 01-Apr-16 02:03:57

If they are serious about dismissing you, they have to abide by the law and their own rules, hence the meeting.

Did you or your manager keep a written record of your feedback session ? Even if she didn't, you can remind her at the Monday meeting and than ask her to state exactly how your work has become are unsuitable in the space of 10 days; it's not enough for her to say your missing targets, she needs to state which targets, so that you can defend yourself. And also ask, how you should have acted to prevent missing target - so that if the target is unrealistic, you can't be accountable. If the reason appears trivial or unrealistic, ask if the real reason is cost cutting. Its much better career-wise to loose a job through cost cutting than unsuitability - put that to them as an option - no skin off their nose and better for you in the medium / long term, although still as annoying now.

I wonder if it might be worth asking you old manager to speak on your behalf.
I do know how you feel; many years ago now, I had been in a new job for 4 months - agreed my annual objectives on a Friday, went on holiday for a week, came back on the Monday and was told my post was redundant. Horrible.

Ohgodwhat Fri 01-Apr-16 02:06:28

Thank you so much, DPotter, that is great advice. Really helped me to structure my thoughts better.

There is no written record unfortunately, I didn't think to document any of this feedback myself. I wish there was something in writing though.

DPotter Fri 01-Apr-16 02:23:35

There maybe no record of what was said, but was the feedback session planned and 'in the diary' ? Poor management if your boss didn't make notes.

EBearhug Fri 01-Apr-16 03:19:10

Find out what your company's disciplinary and grievance procedures are and get paper copies (if they suspend you, you would normally have access to company systems removed.) Also get paper copies of relevant emails and other docs, or mail them to yourself at home.

If it is a disciplinary, you should be able to take another person for support.

It is weird that you can go from everyone being pleased to unsuitable in a fortnight, with presumably no feedback in between to indicate why.

Ohgodwhat Fri 01-Apr-16 16:34:21

THanks so much everyone - quick update.

I went to the HR person dealing with this. I explained that my manager had said that I would attend the meeting on Monday, get suspended and then "likely terminated". She said that "there must have been some misunderstanding" as this might not be what happens. As I said, my sister works in HR and she thinks my cards are marked because ultimately HR will work to the Manager's plan but at least HR are at least trying to look like they're adhereing to correct procedures. I have asked for a copy of the policy so i'll read that later.

I spoke with my old manager and she was really susprised and said she'd never had a problem with my work, "quite the opposite in fact". She did say that this manager is notoriously difficult though. Unfortunately, there is no longer a position available on this team as the person has decided to stay on (she was planning to retire but isn't now apparently). I have heard this myself today actually, so it is true. I asked her if she'd act as my referee and said she'd be more than happy to give me a very good reference.

I think I will definitely sacked on Monday but if not im going to look elsewhere anyway. Thanks so much for all your help.

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