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Struggling whilst pregnant

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londonrach Wed 30-Mar-16 12:55:05

Im 22 weeks almost 23 weeks now and until the last few weeks have sailed through the pregnancy. I work paye for the nhs as a locum and will get pregnancy pay (confirmed now). I also work self employed for myself but as i dont earn enough and have a certificate and dont pay ni contributions at present. I do a tax return online. I love my job and planned to work as long as possible. However the last two weeks ive been fainting. It takes me about 1 hour 30 mins to get to my nhs job via public transport and walking (car is not an option). This morning i turned up at the train station as normal and ended up bend double with severe pain in my tummy. Think the stress of travelling is not helping. The staff at the train station were very helpful. Id already felt faint in the morning so wasnt feeling 100%. I took myself to the hospital, cancelled my days work (i dont get paid if i dont work) and got checked out. Baby is fine which is a relief as i never thought i could get pregnant and its my first so being very careful. But i have a very low blood pressure (to be expected, im pregnant) which is why im fainting. I was ordered to rest, drink water and eat well today. (Hides the chocolate cake). So my question if anyone can advise i need to work till 29 weeks to get pregnancy pay via my paye but the distrance and travelling is now taking a toll on my body. Is there anything financially i can do. I have never claimed benefits and always worked so this rest thing is hard. Work as been amazing and very supportive but they cant reduce the distance i live from them. Thanks any advice is welcome. :-)

ChocolateTeacup Thu 31-Mar-16 16:37:08

You need to check out the maternity policy and speak to your manager, with someone else there if it makes you feel more comfortable. If they are supportive they might be able to suggest something - If you work as a Locum are there any jobs closer to you?

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