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Anxious about asking for annual leave in new role

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BumblingBee89 Mon 21-Mar-16 20:40:11

I should start by saying I do suffer from anxiety.

I've been offered a new job and will be starting soon. I'm so excited, it's pretty much my dream role.

However, last night I realised that in the first week that I'm due to start, I'm supposed to be attending a good friends wedding on the Friday.

I emailed the manager today to explain but he hasn't replied. I think I was polite in the email, I just explained the situation, apologised for asking so early and just asked if it would be possible.

I'm not even sure if the manager I emailed is my line manager, I'm working under two people so I wasn't clear.

I'm worried that he'll see the email and either think badly or not want to offer me the role anymore (it is still subject to a DBS and references, which I'm sure will be fine.)

Can someone please reassure that this will be fine. I don't mind so much about the day anymore, I just don't want to look bad.

KP86 Mon 21-Mar-16 20:46:47

It will be fine. One day, pre-arranged and a wedding - not something YOU can change!

If they pull the offer then you know they weren't a good employer to begin with.

HelloPossums Mon 21-Mar-16 23:41:19

Agree with @KP86 smile I think you've definitely done the right thing, @BumblingBee, in sending your manager an email as soon as you could. I'd say just to give it some time now, and wait until your manager gets back to you, and then you'll have a more precise idea of what the situation is smile I think it's difficult now when waiting for a reply from someone as email/phone communication is 24/7, but I'm sure they'll get back to you by tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. If not, maybe just give them a little nudge and send a reminder or even see them in person. Good luck! (And enjoy your friend's wedding!)

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