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Made redundant on maternity leave - help!

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RhubarbAndMustard Sun 20-Mar-16 11:38:47

I was informed that I will be going through a consultation process but it is likely my role will be made redundant. I am currently on maternity leave - DS2 is just 2 weeks old and with OH out of work, this couldn't have come at a worse time.

Does anyone know if I will still be entitled to all the employee benefits I would have had during my 39 weeks of statutory maternity pay? For instance, pension contributions? In particular, I was expecting to receive childcare vouchers from my employer (not taken out of SMP), which would have meant DS1 could remain in nursery. Will they still have to provide these, or will I loose out on these benefits?

IceMaiden73 Sun 20-Mar-16 12:45:51

You will receive your SMP, but pension contributions and childcare vouchers will stop on your leaving date

NataliaOsipova Sun 20-Mar-16 12:49:15

If you are made redundant on maternity leave and there is a suitable position elsewhere within the company then they are obliged to offer it to you. It appears to be the one bit of positive discrimination in the redundancy law. I'm not a lawyer, but I've been in this position. It's often a difficult one - they can argue it's not suitable while you say it is....but at the least you might get a better payoff. Sorry to hear you're in this position - hope it works out well for you.

flowery Sun 20-Mar-16 17:36:03

You won't carry on getting contractual benefits after you've left, no.

Natalia is correct in that if there is a suitable alternative vacancy available you must be offered it. Are there any other roles which might be suitable for you?

RhubarbAndMustard Sun 20-Mar-16 18:51:49

Thank you for your replies. They are closing our local office but there is a team in London who do the same as me. I assume they will take over my role but as the company don't have any other offices in this county, unless there is a home based role I don't think I will get anything.

bbcessex Tue 29-Mar-16 09:04:42

You could suggest you would be happy to take a role in the London office if there's one available.

AdviceChat Wed 06-Apr-16 12:03:46

Hi sorry you are going through such a stressful situation - and whilst you are pregnant. Have you tried using a pregnancy discrimination calculator? Good luck smile

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