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Help- can't stop worrying about work, what are my options?

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Squeegle Sun 20-Mar-16 09:46:30

I've worked for the same company for over 5 years. In that time I've had 4 bosses already, and lots has changed - including the function I was taken on for being absorbed into another.
We are now being reorganised again. I had a letter saying that my job title was changing and my line manager was also changing - to someone who reports into my current manager. Also my team will be reduced from 2 to 1. These changes are being described as covered by a variation clause of my contract.

I am feeling totally demoralised; my role is said to be the same - but actually I know it won't be; and I suspect its a long way from what my original job description was. But that may be subjective. I don't have an updated JD.

My question is- what can I do?

I am just worried the whole time, I feel like I'd like them to make me redundant (even though this is a bit of a risk as am single mum- but feel sure I can get a new job- I am close to London. I just feel like I need a break to regain my strength!) can't think of how I should take this up with them. Feel like im being slotted into an area I don't want to be in, and I won't perform well in, and I don't have any recourse.
Any advice welcome- especially of course if you have personal experience or expertise in this area.

Thank you

IceMaiden73 Sun 20-Mar-16 09:54:31

It sounds like you don't really want to be there, and all the changes sound very stressful

I would suck up the changes and start looking for something else

TomTomKitten Sun 20-Mar-16 18:50:30

Just start looking for something else. You sound unsettled and unhappy. Why would you wait for even more of the same plus a higher workload I presume as your going to be one person down.

Sadly, this is fairly common stuff for most workplaces these days.

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