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who gets permanent job if 2 people on temp contracts ?

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notsure12 Sat 19-Mar-16 21:01:33

I am a supply support staff for schools and last year i covered for a member of staff for 6mths who was off sick. . The headteacher really wanted to keep me but she didn't have another position at the time, so i moved on to another school for a few weeks.
A teacher in the nursery left and despite advertising the post, they could not get a replacement. As it is a nursery class it can function without a teacher if the head/principle teacher is able to oversee the staff. I was asked if i could cover until they get a teacher. (I am not a teacher so can't apply for job )I have been doing this since December.
They could not recruit a suitable person after 3 tries so are leaving it and re advertising a teacher to start in August .
I have now been given a temporary contract until the end of the school year in july.
Currently there is a member of staff in the nursery who had a temporary contract for a year (ended july 2015), her contract got renewed from august to october 2015, then that was extended until xmas 2015 , then another extension til easter 2016 and now has been extended until the end of the school year. So ends same date as mine. There has been issues between her and another staff member as she has not been pulling her weight in the classroom etc. The head has been informed of this.

Come August the temporary position that this other member of staff has been doing will be available as a permanent post.
Question is as we both have a contract that expires in July, (Same grade and job title) who will be kept for the start of the new school year ? Will this other person because she has been there longer than me or will they have to advertise the job meaning I have a chance of getting it ?

maggiethemagpie Sun 20-Mar-16 20:08:49

I'd imagine they would advertise the job internally and let you both interview for it.

Geepee71 Sun 27-Mar-16 22:33:03

Same as Maggie, they should advertise it internally and run a process, good luck!

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