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Correcting colleagues project during mat leave

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YellowPirate Sat 19-Mar-16 17:28:54

I recently inherited a project from a colleague who has gone on maternity leave. I hadn't been involved in it before she left and was told it was almost complete and just needed checking and signing off.

Anyway, I got the project and it was awful. Without going into too much detail it is a publication that will go out to a client and I had to completely re-do it and get professional expertise in, costing a lot of money.

I'm unsure how to deal with this going forward though. If I'm asked, do I tell people what happened? I don't want to get her into trouble when she gets back, but also want to make sure I get credit where it's due. Her manager (who isn't my manager) knows, but hadn't picked up on all the mistakes herself, but it's a project that will be seen by a lot of people and I'm feeling awkward that I had to so this. Even though it was necessary. I'm also worried about when she gets back and sees what has happened as I'm sure her manager won't deal with the situation well.x

IceMaiden73 Sun 20-Mar-16 08:03:49

Who is likely to ask?

sooperdooper Sun 20-Mar-16 08:07:59

By the time she returns from mat leave months will have passed and it'll have been and gone - as long as your msnager knows the work you've put in I think that's the end of it

IdealWeather Sun 20-Mar-16 08:12:15

Whatever happens to her when she comes back due hot her not doing the job well is her problem to deal with. It could be that she wasn't supported adequately during said project, she had some is dues at the end of the pg etc plenty of things you aren't aware off that could explain the situation. Or she isn't that good at her job. Either way, it is hers to deal with, not you.

I agree about ensuring your own manager is aware of the situation, and anyone who should be involved in spending quite a bit of the company money like this.

For anyone else, I wouldn't mention anything.

YellowPirate Sun 20-Mar-16 08:40:08

Thanks, I'm probably over thinking it, but it's the sort of thing someone senior might notice and ask who did it. The bad work was a combination of things, mainly not getting help in for a specialised part of the task and running out of time (and also possibly things I don't know about, good point). I'll say if anyone asks, otherwise keep my mouth shut. Her manager is aware, so up to her if she wants to do anything about it or not.

daisychain01 Sun 20-Mar-16 11:34:02

I would definitely clear this up as soon as possible. You mentioned it has cost a lot of money to correct the quality problem. I take it that you personally incurred that cost, therefore - if it were me - I would want to preempt any negative perceptions, and proactively be transparent about the situation, including the fact you needed to expend money to get things back on track.

By concealing that situation, it will end up reflecting badly on you and you risk losing the kudos of turning the project around.

Its one of those situations where management could turn round and say Why didn't you tell me at the time (eg approval invoices for payment)

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