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Band 6 nurse interview..

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Smellycat123 Sat 19-Mar-16 13:35:40

Hi Everyone,
Im new here smile
Just wondering if anyone has had a recent NHS band 6 nursing interview and if you have any tips, ideas on questions? I know revalidation is a big thing at the moment, is there anything else anyone knows of? X

BlossomCat Sat 19-Mar-16 13:45:53

I had one about three years ago, as far as I recall, they asked me about how I would organise a shift. ( I wittered on about getting a good handover and prioritising) I remember talking about how to report broken equipment in answer to another question. They also asked me about innovations/nursing in the news, and I discussed a newspaper article I'd read the day before. Another question was 'tell us something surprising about yourself ' that threw me!
I got the job, and I have replayed the interview in my head as I HATED the job with a vengeance as the band 7 was a patronising bitch who had no idea how to manage people. No, there were no clues in the interview about that! confused

BlossomCat Sat 19-Mar-16 13:46:15

And good luck! grin

rewardformissingmojo Sat 19-Mar-16 13:55:07

You will be expected to be up to date, able to discuss topical issues. Have examples of mistakes you have learnt from, examples of teamwork, and suggestions for what would you do if... Dr prescribed something you weren't happy to give, or difficult situation with relatives, etc. Good luck and enjoy it!

Sounbelievablydull Mon 21-Mar-16 20:50:47

Example of conflict you have resolved
The c's
Prioritising your day
Make sure you think about things like policies
Supervision, governance

Ezza0408 Mon 23-May-16 07:58:45

Hello every I have band 6 interview tomorrow, can anyone help with some ideas as to what is expected of me?
Thank you

Honeyandfizz Mon 23-May-16 08:21:13

You need to think about the role itself, what will be expected of you and typical scenarios, and also what's big within the Trust you are applying to at the moment. I had a band 7 interview a couple of years ago and 99% of the questions were patient based ones ie what would you do if.....? There was one about the 6 c's ie care,compassion etc as this was big in my trust at that time.

Good luck, bloody nerve wracking!

yorkshapudding Mon 23-May-16 10:35:13

It really depends of the area of nursing. Is it ward or community based? They will want you to demonstrate genuine enthusiasm and knowledge about this particular clinical area. At band 6 you may well have responsibility for supervising junior staff so there's likely to be a question about leadership and how you manage conflict. I'd also read up on safeguarding, the Trust values, and information governance.

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