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Interview next week for a much better job - anyone got any experience of this?

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FindoGask Fri 18-Mar-16 05:40:09

Hello. I am having a miserable time in my current job, which I took up because I needed to reduce my hours for family reasons and my old employer, who I loved, couldn't accommodate flexible working. I've only been in the new post a measly 4 months but have recently begun to realise that the things I don't like about it (loads of office politics, moany atmosphere, workload is mainly desk-based data inputting tasks) aren't going to change and life is too short, etc.

I took a punt and applied for a project co-ordinator role that I saw in a different organisation. I have no direct experience in that sort of role - my experience is mostly administrative/secretarial, but I do have lots of transferable skills and the person spec fitted with not too much of a stretch. It would be a learning curve but in my heart of hearts, when I try to summon up some self-confidence, I know I could do it. And they must think that too because they've invited me for interview.

I'm so excited, but I am also shitting myself. I am going to be unbearable by next Tuesday. I usually do well in interviews but even though I know I've been honest in my application, whilst also making myself sound as great as possible, I'm worried that I will come across as a fraud. Also the job I'm in currently has worryingly sapped my self-belief; it's one of those places where you only seem to get feedback about things you could have done better. Because it's more limited than my previous job I feel really de-skilled allready. This job is dull but it's exacting and needs total attention to detail all the time, with constant demands from different people to balance. The thought of being able to can-can out of there doing the v-signs is nearly as appealing as the new job.

The more I read about this new post the more enthused I am; I really think I'm a good fit, but I just want to be able to get that across at the interview without sounding too sales-y or desperate.

I'd love to hear experiences from anyone else who has either successfully or unsuccessfully interviewed for jobs they're not an obvious match for. I think it would help! Thank you.

FindoGask Fri 18-Mar-16 06:17:13

I've rambled on enough already, but I've just remembered that I specifically wanted to ask about how to address the fact I've been in my current post for only 4 months. I don't want to get into the details and I think it would be unprofessional to sound too negative, but I was planning on saying that the job wasn't what I expected (true) and I'm ready for something more varied and challenging (also true) - does that sound OK?

BugPlaster Fri 18-Mar-16 06:53:03

Yes I think that sounds perfectly reasonable. I think four months signifies giving it a good try, and they haven't got rid of you at 3 months (if that was your trial period) so it's them, not you!
You recognise it has sapped your self belief and you have found a possible exit you are truly excited about - don't lose sight of those things before the interview.

FindoGask Fri 18-Mar-16 21:17:37

Thank you bug! Good to hear an encouraging objective view.

tethersend Fri 18-Mar-16 21:42:33

I would say that you're very happy in your current job, but you couldn't let this amazing opportunity pass you by.

No need to be negative about current job; just be enthusiastic about project manager job.

Good luck! smile

FindoGask Sat 19-Mar-16 12:50:33

You're right tethersend, and I guess the fact that I'm looking elsewhere after four months says it all anyway, I don't need to elaborate. Thanks for the good luck wishes! I am swerving between feeling confident and terrified at the moment.

If I don't get it, at least I'll still know I'm a plausible candidate for this type of role, otherwise they wouldn't have given me an interview. That does help my current gloom!

FindoGask Fri 25-Mar-16 00:01:11

In case anyone's interested: I got the job! I did end up having to talk about why I am looking to leave current job after only 4 months, and in the end i was just honest without being overly negative. I don't think I answered all questions perfectly but they said very nice things about me and I still can't quite believe it!

jobworry Fri 25-Mar-16 08:02:46

Congratulations smile flowers

MummaGiles Fri 25-Mar-16 08:14:46


Lanark2 Fri 25-Mar-16 08:42:13


FindoGask Sat 26-Mar-16 07:33:42

Thank you! I still can't quite believe it. x

WipsGlitter Sat 26-Mar-16 07:41:51

Well done!

baddabing Sun 03-Apr-16 11:43:13

That's brilliant. Shows how being genuine wins the day.

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