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Know I can't say anything but need to rant

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INeedABiggerBoat Tue 15-Mar-16 01:01:41

Been with current company for 3 years, no pay rise although job title has changed for the better - stayed because they seemed like genuinely lovely company who appreciated me and thought they had my best interests at heart but they always told me they didn't have extra money to give me the raise they wanted to.

Recently accepted a promotion into another company - big step up and big raise - I was quite shocked at the amount they offered me TBH because it was so much more than I currently get paid. Hand my notice in, all amicable, have been working unpaid overtime to help with handover and make sure I tie all loose ends up.

Then today, when handing printout to my boss, I notice that it's the job offer for my replacement, who has only 3 months experience in the industry and coming in at very junior position (although she's roughly my age and is just changing industries). Turns out they're going to be paying her a bit more than they currently pay me, despite her being much less experienced.

It's really, really upset me. Either they really think she's worth more than me despite me doing seriously good work for them (one of my colleagues recommended me to this new position, where my new boss is one of her good friends, so don't think she would have done so if she didn't think I was up to it). Or I've been a naive, trusting moron who believed them when they said they had no money and that they'd do fairly by me if they could. Neither scenario makes me feel great.

I thought my boss was as close to a friend as you can get in a professional situation and this has left a cloud over my last few days there. To be honest I really don't feel like showing the new employee the ropes later this week - if they're so great they can get paid more than me on so little experience I'm sure they can figure the fuck out how to work all the systems I set up for the team.

Obviously I know I can't say anything no matter how much I'd like to, that I have to grin and bear it, and leave on amicable terms with everyone, but I needed to let it out!

TendonQueen Tue 15-Mar-16 01:13:28

That's really annoying. My bet is on a version of scenario 2 - you aren't an idiot, but it is known that women in particular don't push for raises or negotiate salary etc, so they probably just kept saying 'we can't afford it' regardless of the truth. Now they are probably having to pay something more like industry standard - it is unlikely to be that they rate her so much more highly. You said yourself you were surprised at your new pay offer - the benchmarks must have changed.

As you said, you need to keep a professional face on, but I wouldn't go out of your way to help them out now. No more unpaid overtime. In fact I might be tempted to invent some family crisis or moderate illness that keeps you away from work for the last few days. You can apologise for not being able to do the handover in person but say 'of course I have done quite a bit of unpaid overtime lately, so I think I've gone above and beyond as it is'. Leave with a smile but let them sort it. And remember to negotiate for what you're really worth every time from now on.

flowery Tue 15-Mar-16 06:24:54

I imagine they discovered when looking to replace you that they weren't going to be able to do that by offering lots less than market rate for the job. Regardless of budget, paying more became a necessity rather than a nice-to-have, which rewarding you appropriately would have been seen as.

I agree it's rubbish. But I don't think it literally means they think she's worth more than you. Probably they were genuinely struggling budget-wise, they had you in post working well already and while they would have liked to have paid you more in an ideal world, didn't feel it was crucial to do so, so spent money elsewhere.

Now they have been forced to do so. But you've got a fantastic well-paying promotion so the outcome for you is good.

Don't invent a family crisis or illness and skive off in a strop about it as suggested by previous poster. I'm sure you're more adult than that. Someone is going to pay you what you are worth now. It's disappointing that it's not your current employer, but try to view your time with them in a positive light overall- think about what you have gained from it and learned from it (including this most recent episode) and move on to the next exciting challenge.

curren Tue 15-Mar-16 06:30:53

Similar to me. I had a job where I couldn't keep up. They kept pushing more and more projects my way and kept saying I did have enough time, I just had to manage my time better.

I handed my notice in an they replaced me. All fine, within two weeks they had to give half my role to another full time member of staff. Apparently the workload was too heavy for one person.

Tbh I put to down to my replacement being more forceful in the argument about workload and won. Rather than anything against me. Try not to take it too personally, although that's easier said than done.

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