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New employer wants me to 'work' while serving my notice

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Millionairerow Sun 13-Mar-16 12:35:43

Serving 3 months notice. Still don't have leaving date as current employer is thin on ground. Still to send in signed contract as there are restrictions I'm questioning. A person I'd be working with has asked me to go to their offices for a day to do hand overs. Can I do this? Would I get paid? Do I have to say no as technically I'd need consent from my current employer. Frankly I'm like to forget the stuff as I'm not due to start till beginning June.

FishWithABicycle Sun 13-Mar-16 12:54:00

It's perfectly normal to go in for a day before your official start date if the person you are taking over from is leaving sooner than you can start. It's often easier for it to be compensated by earning "time off in lieu" with the new employer rather than them paying you before you are on payroll.

flowery Sun 13-Mar-16 14:38:29

If you're serving three months' notice then your leaving date is three months after you handed in your notice.

I'd be concerned about it being "a person you'd be working with" asking you, and details like pay not having been confirmed.

That's the sort of request that should come from the person who will be line managing you, with full information about the arrangements.

Presumably you'd either take a day's annual leave to do this, or would do it on a day you wouldn't normally be at work?

I wouldn't even consider it unless and until you have agreed terms and signed the contract.

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