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Maternity pay/allowance

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Jess52 Sat 12-Mar-16 13:11:34

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and want to leave my job. I don't get on with my boss at all but because I fell pregnant I thought I couldn't change jobs as I wouldn't get maternity pay. I've looked into it and it looks like even if I left now I would still be entitled to maternity allowance instead as I've worked there for over 26 weeks. I'm just scared to leave incase I've made a mistake and I'm actually not entitled to anything, does anyone know for certain? I know it would be better to just stick it out for a little longer but it's stressing me out far too much and I'm not getting the right treatment as a pregnant woman either (no breaks, no food, no risk assessment) I have been to citizens advice about it and can go through a discrimination case but that's the last thing I need at the minute and I really just want out. Discussed with partner and we can manage on his wage for now. Any advice appreciated thanks!

DesertOrDessert Sun 13-Mar-16 10:07:16

Yes, it looks like you should qualify, but

How much notice do you need to give?
And how much holiday do you have?
If you go on ML at 29 weeks, and proir to that get all your holiday, the difference may only be a few weeks, and you will get your 6weeks at 90%, and all holiday pay for the next 12 months.
You can then hand your notice in at 11 months of maternity, and be much better off?

If the lack of risk assessment is putting baby and you at risk, can you get midwife to sign you off for a bit?

Jess52 Sun 13-Mar-16 11:10:22

I only need to give a weeks notice and I'm not sure about holiday we never get told until we ask so I'll have to speak to my boss. The thing is my hours are rubbish at the minute (less than 16 most weeks) as its not a busy time of year for us so I'm not sure I would qualify for maternity pay anyway as my average at the moment wouldn't add up to enough, meaning I'd be on the allowance instead as I can then take my average from any 13 weeksin the last 66 I think? When I was working a lot more hours. So as long as I'll definitely still qualify leaving won't change anything

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