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How do I negotiate myself a paid job out of this?

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Kinneret Thu 10-Mar-16 22:12:03

I've been out of work for most of the last 15 years due to ongoing health issues and having the DC. As an attempt to find a way back in to my field, I recently spoke to a few people and organised some informal shadowing and work experience. It has been going well, and they have been honest about not having the funds or workload to employ me. Another local - and much bigger and more monied - local organisation has heard about this and is offering me some "voluntary work". However, I've heard from someone in their finance dept, that Organisation 2 wants me there unpaid so that I can "take some pressure off" their existing staff, and that they need and can afford another employee but won't take one on.

Do you think I stand any chance of negotiating with Organisation 2 for an actual paid job? I mean, they seem to want me and could pay me if they so chose.

And if they refuse, do I accept their offer of "voluntary work" anyway?

mrsmugoo Thu 10-Mar-16 22:23:27

Do the voluntary work, make yourself utterly indispensable.

EBearhug Fri 11-Mar-16 00:57:57

Sounds like they might be difficult, if they can afford and need another employee, but won't take one on. Given that, I probably would push for a paid position, although maybe I'd compromise on a month's voluntary experience, to prove my worth, but I'd want it agreed in writing that if I didn't get a paid position after that, I wouldn't stay. (But I should note that I am in quite a belligerent mood tonight.)

If you went there just for the experience anyway, would it be useful experience to you, which might increase your chances of finding alternative employment at some point?

TomTomKitten Fri 11-Mar-16 04:22:23

If you need the experience then go to Org 2 regardless but set yourself a deadline of how long you will work there (i.e. a couple of weeks, a month, etc.). Make it clear that you will not work beyond that as you need to get into 'paid employment' ASAP.

Some companies will use you. Make sure that the arrangement works for YOU.

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