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FT workload in PT hours for PT wage

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squidgini Thu 10-Mar-16 20:26:14

I returned to work in January, same job role (Supervisor) as before I went on mat leave but working part time 3.5days rather than 5days. My salary has been reduced to reflect my reduced hours along with Holidays etc.

I supervise 2 full time members of staff. I do the same amount of work as them in my part time hours as they manage in full time hours and undertake added duties as superviser and the added responsibilities... If it all goes wrong it's on me.

Being their supervisor I know their salaries. I know that I am on less than them because I'm not working as many hours... but I am doing as much and more than them.

I have a meeting with HR coming up to review how my part time working is going. I like working part time and wouldn't want to work full time but feel I'm being taken advantage off. Any tips for how I should raise this? My line manager has openly admitted to me that as a full time worker I did the work of more than 1 person.

Thanks in advance.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 10-Mar-16 20:34:45

It is rotten. If they value you then I would hope that they would increase your salary but from my past experience- it didn't happen.

I got so disillusioned with it that I quit entirely.

However- my friend (in another sector) has just had a wage rise for the same reason- she told them she'd go elsewhere and they knew that they couldn't find somebody else with her credentials so they upped her salary.

It doesn't hurt to ask I suppose, their response will really tell you their attitude to you.

jclm Thu 10-Mar-16 20:35:00

i think you should raise the possibility of a job share. so, they would appoint someone else on a 0.4 contract (if you went down to 0.6). do some reading on job shares (there's some inspiring stories in some of the newspapers) and how they have worked for mums with young children, and how to sell this to HR and your boss.

by the way, don't in any way put the blame for this on your employer! just state factually that you are only able to do part time work in your part time hours, and need another person to pick up when you leave.

Brokenbiscuit Thu 10-Mar-16 21:27:22

From what you've said, it sounds like you're working your part time hours and not actually doing loads of extra.

So, you either need to make a case for the organisation to raise your hourly rate on the basis of your exceptional productivity, and I guess you'd need to evidence this. Alternatively, as a supervisor, you might need to be asking yourself why your two full time supervisees are apparently doing so little work. Is there a possibility that you get so much done in your 3.5 days because you're not spending the time on managing their performance?

flowery Fri 11-Mar-16 05:52:54

I agree with Brokenbiscuit

It sounds like you are genuinely working part time hours. You are paid more than the people you supervise because your hourly rate is higher to reflect your additional responsibility.

In most jobs salary isn't directly linked to productivity, although obviously people who are very productive are more likely to be considered as performing well and therefore might have that reflected in their pay when it comes to salary review time.

You have two issues. Firstly your staff members don't seem to be performing well so that needs addressing.

Secondly you don't feel you are paid enough. The salary of your team members is not relevant to this. You need to check things like market rates, any internal salary structure (looking at how much people on equivalent levels of responsibility are paid) and then make a case for an increase based on all those things and what value you bring.

I would suggest not raising the point that the people you are responsible for supervising aren't performing well.

CountryLovingGirl Sat 12-Mar-16 07:47:04

Push for a pay increase or get the workload reduced. It does sound like they are taking advantage.

squidgini Sat 12-Mar-16 09:47:08

Thanks for your replies! Hopefully I'm in a strong position in that they would be stuck if I left as there is a lack of qualified job seekers in the area. If it came to it I shouldn't struggle to find another job but for the most part I like the company I work for. Just frustrating. But thanks again! smile

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