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Want to leave my job but scared to

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worriedmummy32 Mon 07-Mar-16 14:51:43

I have been working for the past 10 years in my chosen career, and had a year off when I had my DD who is now 2. I went back to work part time after mat leave to see how it would go - I work 3 days a week but my manager is really difficult to work with and I am often quite stressed on the days I don't work and end up doing a lot extra. I have just seen that they are advertising the same job as mine - paying up to 15k more than I'm on. All this means I really don't want to be there any more, and want to take a less stressful part time job for less money, the only thing keeping me there is the money which is nice to have but we can get by without it. I'm scared of leaving as I may not find anything better and wish I hadn't, on the other hand I want to enjoy my days off with my DD and not be checking my phone all the time. Anyone had a similar experience? WWYD?

flowery Mon 07-Mar-16 15:07:21

"I'm scared of leaving as I may not find anything better and wish I hadn't"

Presumably you wouldn't resign until you'd found something though?

Some people can happily work in lower levels jobs than they have previously/are capable of, as a trade off for fewer hours/less pressure. For others, this would result in frustration and/or boredom that would be more stressful, not less.

I think the key is having the self-awareness to know which of those groups you fall into.

I would be the second!

Bree85 Mon 07-Mar-16 16:42:46

For me, I'd rather have a crappy job with a good boss than a good job with a crappy boss. I know you can find something better, you have experience for 10 years. Why are you afraid?

TomTomKitten Mon 07-Mar-16 17:20:01

Agree with Bree, good bosses and colleagues are the things that make a massive difference to my happiness.

Less money does not necessarily equal less stress. Less money can often mean you have less autonomy and more chiefs telling you what to do.

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