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Employer recording personal conversations!!

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KtLovesherboys15 Fri 04-Mar-16 19:48:01

Hi all, my other half works fri-mon delivering across the UK. He's been told today when he went In that their new GPS system records everything that goes on In the van he uses and that they periodically throughout the day will be tuning in to listen to what's going on basically. It's not just his van it's every van and every driver it's quite a large company. Needless to say we can at times have some personal conversations whilst he's on the road baring in mind he stays out each night so we don't see each other to have some of these conversations, he also speaks to friends and family members at times. Now of course I understand if they have a reason for concern or there was an incident they are investigating but surely to just listen in as and when they please Is an invasion of his human rights? What does everybody else think about it? Also just to point out his phone is connected by Bluetooth to a voice activated hands free, and he can be non stop driving for hours before someone wants to have a dig about him even speaking to me or anybody lol. Thanks for reading!

WiseToTheLies Fri 11-Mar-16 10:40:22

What does it say in his contract or in Company policies? If it's for safety reasons then I think they are fine to do it. Can your husband get in touch with you when he stops (so leaving the van to speak to you?) or text instead?

There seem to be more and more of these tracking companies around who track not only the vehicle but the contents and driver too. I think it's for insurance purposes.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Fri 11-Mar-16 10:45:46

Should he be having conversations whilst he's driving? I understand that he's doing it legally, but when my foster dad used to drive for a living, his contracts were always clear that conversations should be kept to a minimum and only when essential. They preferred him to be concentrating.

That would suck for you, if he's away a lot and you tend to use his driving time to catch up, but it may well be that his company are planning to enforce this more to lower their insurance rates or try to reduce accidents.

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