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maternity issue

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Brightside65 Thu 03-Mar-16 10:01:36

Looking for some advice. I work 37 hours per week for the one company

1 half of post is permanent (been in post 3 years)

Other half of post is temporary - I was anticipating this contract ending 31st March but it's been extended for 4 months. (End of July)

I'm due to go on maternity leave in August.

I know in entitled to SMP but wondered what the legality is with my own company policy of:

90% pay for 6 weeks
70% pay for 12weeks
SMP kicks in

I've been calculating the 90% and 70% entitlement on my permanent half post but will I be entitled to anything for the temporary post where the contract ends month before I start maternity?

Thanks for any advice

flowery Thu 03-Mar-16 13:41:41

Depends what the terms and conditions are in the policy. For SMP it's calculated on the basis of your actual earnings during a set 8 week period, so you need to know what your company calculate the 70% on. If it's earnings at the time your maternity leave starts, then the other half of your post won't be included, but if they use the same qualifying period as is used for SMP, it will be.

Brightside65 Thu 03-Mar-16 14:22:46

That's helpful thank you, will look into it

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