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Advice please! My job is killing me...

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MummyIsMyFavouriteName Wed 02-Mar-16 18:46:45

So I'm on my final placement of teacher training and I'm after some advice.

I'm really miserable. I'm 100% sure that I don't want to be a teacher anymore. I'm busy all the time, on constant catch up. I get about 4 hours sleep a night because I stay up late doing work and I get up early to carry on. And the worst bit is that I spend more time with other people's children, who never seem to appreciate it, than I do with my own DD. I'm always told that I need to be more flamboyant in my delivery of lessons but I'm tired and starting to feel a like I'm suffocating under the strain and pressure that is constant so being flamboyant is proving difficult. I'm also struggling to remember things and I think it's because I'm sleep deprived and stressed constantly.

So my question is: what jobs are there that you can do with a teaching degree? I don't want to waste my degree but I can't do this job. It'll kill me and I have missed too much of my daughter's childhood already.

Has anybody been in a similar situation or just have any advice?

CountryLovingGirl Wed 02-Mar-16 19:50:55

Have you posted this on the staffroom board on here? Teachers on there may be able to offer advice.

EBearhug Thu 03-Mar-16 02:35:51

There are jobs like education in museums and the like, but I suspect that's an area which will have suffered large cuts. Also training for companies. Plus there are some jobs where you just need a degree - you'll have loads of transferable skills round planning, organisation, time management, communication and so on.

Asking other teachers is probably the best advice, though.

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