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Should I leave my job as a HOF and move to another school? Please reply!

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RememberToSmile1980 Sun 28-Feb-16 19:14:27

Hi Fellow Mumsnetters
I hope this does not bore too many people. Basically I am a secondary school teacher in an OUTSTANDING school. In addition to this I am a Head of Faculty and am in charge of a number of subjects and also oversee WEXP and Careers. I have worked at this school in this role for 5 years.
As you are probably aware the pressure is immense and the results have dipped in the past year due to VOCATIONAL subject content being changed. I enjoy working with the people in my respective teams, although it is a hard slog and I have to line manage some individuals who have had a tough time and struggled with assessment and delivery. Most of the time I love my job, I teach 3 different subjects this year and also have had so many curriculum changes this year for KS3 and KS4. May I just add that my Faculty is relied upon to get better results than CORE subjects - and the students only get x3 lessons per week at KS4! At KS5 our ALPS has been outstanding at we have ranged between 2-1 mostly. To be very blunt I have been feeling extremely down this last week as I am being questioned about my leadership across the faculty and the fact that Year 11 are not where they should be (in line with their TARGET grades!). To cut a long story short I do not feel supported and have been very upset and overwhelmed. Over the weekend I have reflected and realised that I am a good HOF actually and just because TWO class across the faculty are not necessarily where they should be I should not be made to feel like crap! My line manager is in a world of their own and rarely has time to support me. When he/she collars me in the corridor I find it extremely unprofessional. To add - this line manager is not very 'au fait' with the subjects in my dept and can just about manage his/her workload (I know this is petty of me to say!)
I am under the spotlight at the moment and will be meeting with the Head in a week's time to discuss results and progress etc. I have sent my action plan and what I am doing within the dept to ensure Yr 11 achieve the best they can. However it has all fallen on me - to take over the failing classes. Which has not phased me - I am just wondering who much more I can physically taken on!
To add the biggest CORKER! I have seen a job advertised over half term that I was really interested in - question is - should I apply - as I know that I could do this role and it would possibly just make me feel better about myself. I want to add I am not doing it as a reaction to what has been happening, it was something I saw and was interested over half term and thought about pursuing. I do not want to tell the Head , but will be arranging to visit the school before the deadline date. What would you do??? It is a promotion and the OTHER school only has 180 students in it as it is new and they will be adding more students each year. My friend works there and has told me she loves it, but to go and visit to get a feel myself. Would I be stupid to not apply? I feel as though I am ready and I would leave at Summer so would not be leaving my own school in the lurch at all. Please send me some advice!

Movingonmymind Wed 02-Mar-16 16:16:26

Not in education any more so can't advise other than generic terms, but yes, go for it, it sounds a great opportunity. You will probably regret not giving yourself the chance so why not? Grass not always greener though, as am sure you know and incompetent line managers are everywhere so just go in with your eyes open and see how it goes. Good luck!

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