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zippyswife Tue 23-Feb-16 15:15:01

Dh is a police officer who has managed to get involved within the business change. He wants to leave the police with his new skills/experience and move into something else. We want to make the right move and would want to know what all his options/limitations are given his experience. How would he (we) go about getting good impartial advice? Should he be going to recruitment agencies? Contacting companies directly?

tava63 Wed 24-Feb-16 13:35:16

How clear is he on what he wants to move in to? How much depth and breadth of experience has he gained of business change - is it sufficient to make a change now? In terms of getting good impartial advice unless he knows someone who is a recruitment consultant in mho it is likely to be very difficult to get them to give him time to give career advice. The way their job is designed and rewarded does not give them much scope to do this. Do either of you know someone who has successfully made this change.
It is worth him reviewing his skills and experience and thinking carefully who are the companies that require this as CORE to their business and then consider then making contact with them armed with a CV which markets these core skills - Corinne Mills has an excellent book on putting your CV together. Best of luck.

zippyswife Wed 24-Feb-16 19:09:41

Thanks for the considered reply. Sounds like a good strategy. I'll pass this onto him. He needs to put his cv together so well look at that book.

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