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Management Consulting and the ACA qualification - useful?

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KristinaKringle Mon 22-Feb-16 23:13:36

Posting on behalf of Dsis, who is starting first grad job later this month.

She has had internships in HR consulting/change management which she enjoyed but ultimately decided to take up a job with a big 4 accountancy practice, in Corporate Finance. She will be studying for the ACA.

She is starting to have cold feet about intended job however and feels like she would enjoy Consulting (specifically HR consulting/change mgmt) more.

I have advised her to take up current job offer and try to get ACA qual (which I am actually studying for myself!).

Is this the wrong advice? Is a transition possible later down the line, does anyone know? I'm not sure whether an ACA will help or hinder her down the line, and how it is regarded in this line of work!

Please help MNers and sorry for the very random question!!

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