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Not heard back from another job ... so fed up!

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Amelia65 Thu 18-Feb-16 19:22:28

So fed up of prospective employers not responding when you take precious time out of your day and go for a interview!!

Bit of background I HATE my job . It's a mixture of awful shifts and the stress ! It's really not great for family life and am so desperate to get a 9-5!

I've been looking for 6 months - had a few interviews and almost 75% never responded saying that I hadn't got the job! I would've just thought it was common curtesy to send a email at least??

Been waiting all day for the employer to call me ( had a interview and they said they would call weds - thurs to arrange a further interview) and guess what nothing!!

I'm so fed up and disappointed ! Wish I could just quit sadsadsad

ignoringthechoc Thu 18-Feb-16 19:34:50

Hang in there, it is crap and I got very frustrated with the lack of acknowledgement, but eventually I got my current job and it was worth all the effort.
without patronising, how are your interview skills as I thought I was fine but then did an intensive few hours with a friend who just seemed to streamline everything so I was at the point where whatever question they asked (and there are only so many that they will ask/ are relevant) I instantly remembered 3 examples to give. Then we focused on entering/leaving and maintaining eye contact. All stuff I thought I knew but it really gave me a confidence boost for my last interview (current job) and was well worth a few hours of work.
Try to stay positive, I hope you find something soon.

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