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Work travel when 28 weeks pregnant?

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whynogutfeeling Wed 10-Feb-16 11:36:04

I am expected to travel a fair distance to a few work events soon and I'm not massively looking forward to it. My husband is also very concerned about me getting tired as a result and possible harm to the baby. (He's being over-protective for sure but I had two early miscarriages before this pregnancy and we have a friend who went into early labour hundreds of miles from home at around this same point in her pregnancy when she was away with work a few years ago. Her baby ended up in SCBU 4 hours from home for months as a result.)

The first event is 200 miles / 5 hr drive (crappy slow roads!) / 5 hrs by train (crappy service!) from home and would mean a 400 mile round-trip with an overnight stay in 24 hours at 28 weeks pregnant. The second is 130 miles / 4 hr drive (same crappy roads!) / 4.5 hours by train (same crappy service) for another overnight stay / 24 hour visit.

I am quite uncomfortable already and the thought of driving all that way doens't fill me with joy, but driving is the (slightly) more convenient option even so.

To make things worse, my honest, and objective, opinion is that it would make zero difference to the business whether I went to these events or not but they are something of a tradition / must do and that is why I am expected to go to them.

What would you do?

Quoteunquote Wed 10-Feb-16 15:41:17

Honestly if there is a way of avoiding it don't do it, and if you do take out loads of extra insurance.

I went in to labour at 28 plus5, and it was hell in this country, it would of been nearly impossible else where.

Rockchick1984 Wed 10-Feb-16 19:56:03

Speak to your manager. Don't stress about it unless they insist you must go.

yummumto3girls Wed 10-Feb-16 20:01:33

I think you are being over cautious, if you were 38 weeks maybe. I suggest you speak to your manager and express your concerns and see if you can get out of at least one of them.

Quoteunquote Wed 10-Feb-16 20:22:29

38 weeks is safer than 28 weeks, because one a manageable baby , and the other is intensive care nightmare.

CottonSock Wed 10-Feb-16 20:24:55

I'm planning on going it, in this country not travelling abroad. That's my choice though, my line manager asked if I wanted to. Two nights away before my second child is born might be the last peace I get smile

CMOTDibbler Thu 11-Feb-16 08:38:30

At 28 weeks, I think the train is fine, If they will pay for first class, even better, but its a pleasant way to travel. I flew to 28 weeks, and did some UK travel to 34 weeks.

Allow yourself a bit more time than usual, even stay an extra night, but being a bit more tired won't hurt you or your baby

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