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On career break after may leave - rumours of lay offs looming

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2boysnamedR Sat 06-Feb-16 00:54:04

Well it's not a rumour. It's a big company and there is no doubt going to be lay offs.

Rumors are High % of the work force and possibly sell off / out sourcing departments, But that could've wildly off, previously rumours haven't been to far off the truth and there's been a recent change to redundancy policy.

Boss was saying as my career break is ending mid / late year did I want to extend it?

I'm not in real rush to go back this year.

Could he be hinting to extend it now? Before the redundancies start?

Anyone know any legal reasons why i should look to extend my leave ASAP? I presume if I get outsourced ( can't see my role going like that unless the company is the verge of collapse as its a core part of what the company does). I can't honestly see that happening but who knows.

I'm not due back for at least six months so it's got me wondering why it was mentioned?

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