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help me act according in an office setting guidelines please

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creamponies Thu 04-Feb-16 19:49:59

hi im scared and anxious and been long term unemployed and recently went back to college and i will be starting a placement soon. (however in their everyone in their knew everyone business and made judgy comments) even me and i don't want to get attached to anyone
i want this because

With a view of getting an reference and hopefully a job.
however the environment is very formal and business attire.
i be hunting to all the shops. but how can i act in an office setting.
im a generally an over sharing and a loudmouth and times i really need to behave properly in a business environment.
if anyone has any hints and tips and how to handle people.
how to limit information about you i don't want to do much talking just be polite and nice.

specialsubject Thu 04-Feb-16 20:16:43

first - congratulations!

second - dust off the old fashioned stuff, please, thank you,excuse me. It never fails. smile

third - if you don't know or don't understand, ASK. Don't make things up. You've been taken on for what and who you are and are not expected to be anything else. Similarly, if you make a mistake, own up and ask what you can do to fix it.

fourth - if you are worried about being 'too much', try to limit how much you say 'I'. Doing that keeps the conversation about the other person.

best of luck!

Shakey15000 Thu 04-Feb-16 22:16:01

Be pleasant but professional at all times. If asked about your personal life, be pleasant but vague and move the subject on.

If you find yourself in a conversation you're not comfortable with (like someone bitching about someone else) make an excuse to leave (I use that I need the toilet smile )
For me, I don't have work colleagues as Facebook friend. If I receive a request, I politely say "No offence but I don't like to mix business with home"

Good luck!

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