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Someone is being brought in at my level- what to do?

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everdene Thu 04-Feb-16 17:41:41

I've been told today that a colleague is being brought in at my level.

I'm a manager, currently gunning for a promotion, and a next level down colleague who is leaving is being replaced not with her level but with a manager.

Obviously, I want the promotion I'm working towards and feel a bit put out by the fact they are replacing with someone at my level - though I know it's no reflection on me.

How do I address this with my line manager?

tribpot Thu 04-Feb-16 17:54:16

It would be nice if this was in anticipation of your promotion, i.e. new colleague will slot in at your current grade. However, I think I'd discuss it with your manager in terms of:

- what was the rationale behind the regrading of the post, was it because there are additional responsibilities meaning the job is now too big for one person? (I would want to drop hints that as the line manager of the person being replaced you would have expected to be consulted about this).
- how does manager intend to manage new colleague's expectations about the level of seniority in the role, vs your expectations about needing opportunities to prove yourself for promotion?
- will there be any changes to reporting lines, i.e. will the team be split (and again, will this damage your promotion chances?)

everdene Thu 04-Feb-16 22:11:11

Trib I do really hope that is the longterm goal. Great questions to ask. I am having a change of line manager soon so as you say, perhaps it's in anticipation of me getting promoted.

I've asked to speak to my line manager to discuss what is going on!

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