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Applying for reduced hours after maternity leave

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Nottalotta Wed 03-Feb-16 15:41:12

I could do with some advice on this as my manager had form for not being at all interested or supportive. I have worked ft for the local authority for 11 years. Currently on mat leave. Using accrued AL to phase my return (so will be pt for 16weeks).

Two colleagues have recently applied for reduced hours and been turned down. The LA are normally very good but our particular manager is very against it, and will go out of his way to oppose your request.

One reason is he doesn't think the role can be carried out pt. And he doesn't want to have any of his posts cut as he will lose the budget.

I have recently found out that the person covering my ML will be staying on pt when i return. They will work the days that i am on leave. So my post will be being paid for twice on those days! (amazed this had been approved given the budget cuts and that it does in effect help me out)

I really don't want to go back ft. The maternity cover is keen to stay on if possible. They work in another LA department so could potentially job share with me, and reduced hours in the other dept (other dept are making cuts and known for being more flexible)

So, apart from making sure that our 'job share' works well as an example, what can i do/say in my application? Apparently there is a standard letter. I really want to make my application a good one!

CountryLovingGirl Wed 03-Feb-16 15:51:28

I would really push the job share. There will be no loss to the budget, the job will be done and 2 ladies will be happy with their hours. I hate it when managers refuse to allow a job to go part time, especially when the job can be shared between 2 employees. The employees will be happier, and more productive, if they have a better work/family balance.

I am going full time after Easter but have worked part time for 12 years now. I job shared with another mum and it worked well. She is going FT too. It is really, really tough being a mum (especially if no family childcare available like us) and managers should help where they can. The job still gets done at no extra cost to them - what is their problem?

Also, the other 2 colleagues should be able to job share if they were able to do so.

I thought your manager must be MALE. They have no idea! I am sure they think mum's want to go PT so they can swan around all day shopping and watching TV. It is hard work - motherhood is a 24/7/365 job with no pay and no holidays!

Good luck!

CountryLovingGirl Wed 03-Feb-16 15:52:01

Explain to them how the job share would work and benefit BOTH sides :-)

silverduck Wed 03-Feb-16 16:01:25

I don't think the cover being kept on to cover your leave helps your argument, the manager has effectively argued that the business can't sustain 16 weeks of your part time working and has been convincing enough to secure budget to cover your position full time whilst you take your leave.

My experience of job shares within our LA is that it doesn't end well. Our LA don't support finding a new sharer if anything changes, so if one person goes on maternity, wants to up their hours, change their work pattern, go for a promotion or just leaves, the job share breaks and both are out of a role.

Are there other vacancies within the LA you could transfer to as part time? I've seen this happen where an original post couldn't go part time.

Nottalotta Wed 03-Feb-16 18:27:01

Thanks both. I have since found out that the other two both wanted to reduce hours, including shortened days, so would have needed to recruit part time to cover odd hours, or lose part of a post. Impact on other staff, workload etc. So that wouldn't apply in my case as my mat cover wants to stay on and do the days i don't do. The cost of recruit ing was mentioned too. But that wouldn't apply.

Nottalotta Wed 03-Feb-16 19:04:00

Also the 16weeks aren't part time, i am back full time but taking leave. The same leave that everyone else gets.

silverduck Wed 03-Feb-16 19:16:05

It's disingenuous to suggest that you are taking the same leave everyone else gets because everyone else doesn't usually take a year + worth in a 16 week concentrated period.

It does sound like you can make an argument for the job share, if you can get the other person tied into what you want to do.

Aceray Wed 03-Feb-16 20:18:35

Make sure you get hold of your organisation's Flexible Working Policy but also have a read of the ACAS guide to flexible working. Your request can only be refused for certain specific reasons (referred to in the ACAS guide) so if you can demonstrate that these reasons don't apply or can be mitigated you will make it very difficult for them to say no.

Nottalotta Wed 03-Feb-16 22:05:25

What i mean about the leave is i have the same entitlement as everyone else. Someone took 4 weeks off in a row, i am taking mine spread out.Both requests for leave were granted because they were booked well in advance and couldn't be reasonably refused. But my point is i will be full time but(and was quite prepared to really crack on with the work to make it work!) but will have someone helping me two days a week!

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