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A/L entitlement when on long term sick

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HeyMacWey Wed 03-Feb-16 12:39:05

I've been on long term sick for the last 18 months. Ssp paid for first six months. Have been on esa since Ssp ran out.

A friend mentioned that I will continue to accrue my a/L entitlement when I'm on sick leave - is this correct?

I'm expecting to be dismissed under capability as my illness isn't improving enough to return to work imminently.

Should my accrued annual leave be paid when I am dismissed?

HeyMacWey Thu 04-Feb-16 08:04:19


MummyBex1985 Thu 04-Feb-16 11:43:08

In general terms, you do continue to accrue annual leave and up to 15 months worth can be paid when your employment terminates. It might not be your full contractual entitlement, though.

HeyMacWey Thu 04-Feb-16 12:28:35

Thank you - that's really helpful - my annual leave amount is the statutory minimum.

My contract stipulates a months notice. Would this be paid by the employer?

baffledmum Thu 04-Feb-16 21:58:50

Your notice and your leave entitlement are different. If you are dismissed you will be paid the notice your employer is required to give you plus whatever leave you have accrued. Your leave accrues at your statutory level for the duration you were absent. Don't forget that the statutory minimum of 5.6 weeks includes bank holidays (pro rata part-timers) and will be paid at your current rate of pay. Ask to see the figures before you sign anything.

HeyMacWey Fri 05-Feb-16 07:48:01

Thank you - looks like I'll at least have some money to live on for a while.

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