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Handing in notice with holiday already booked

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Hopefullywaiting Tue 02-Feb-16 23:48:20

I may need to hand my notice in at work soon, although unsure, due to circumstances (which I will explain shortly).
I have two days booked for annual leave (which were authorised last Month). As I only work two days per week it works out to a week off. If I were to hand in my notice at the next available opportunity It would fall in the notice period which is 4 weeks.
I also may need to book additional leave following the week of authorised annual leave resulting in two weeks off work. this will mean I will only work (the first) 2 weeks of my 4 week notice period.
The reason for holiday is I have unfortunately lost my home and will need to leave at that time. I do not have anywhere to go as of yet, in contact with the council. My current Work is not within my local area and the commute is already an issue for me. I am looking at being placed in temporary accommodation leading to (hopefully) permanent accommodation. no idea where I will be placed so everything will be up in the air. Failing that I will have to stay at family's house which is going to mean much upheaval and stress due to family issues. I have ibs and suffer badly at times of moderate stress which affects my work performance and ability to attend work.
I'm wondering if my employer will say I need to cancel my already approved holiday and work the full 4 weeks. Or if I have to wait until I have taken my holiday to hand in my notice.
I know The obvious answer is to check my contract. It only states I need to give 4 weeks notice and makes no mention of annual leave already booked. The handbook only mentions in regards to leaving the policy of paying out any untaken annual leave.
I have so far taken one day of holiday. I do not want to speak to the manager until my descion is more set in stone. If I do need to cancel my holiday and work the 4 weeks now it's going be near impossible with the upheaval and stress so don't want to shoot myself in the foot.
I wonder if an alternative would be to work two weeks, take two weeks annual leave to sort accommodation ect and return to work the following two weeks to work my last two weeks notice? I would be happy to do this. Any advice greatly appreciated

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Wed 03-Feb-16 00:00:24

Have you accrued enough holiday to cover this period?

Given the circumstances (which sound terribly difficult and I do sympathise), I can't see how your work can 'force' you to work. If you are ill with IBS can you not take some sick leave and get signed off?

Are you sure that you actually HAVE to leave? If I were your boss I'd hope to try and support you in some way but I'd want to know that you had the intention of staying with the business before I invested any great deal of time or effort. (Harsh but true.)

I'd be wary of chucking your job when in a few weeks the routine of it might be the exact thing that you need. Not to mention the income.

Hopefullywaiting Wed 03-Feb-16 00:21:03

Hi Trolltherespawnjeremy

The holiday year starts in January I have taken one day of annual leave( due to sorting home issues) so far so have enough holiday.

I have considered going to doctors if things become just too difficult, just unsure I'f this will be the best course of action. I did ask to have holiday earlier this month once I learned about my home so I could try n manage for a couple of weeks. The manager couldn't accommodate my request though. He is aware of what's happend but I think he thinks I'm making the transition to another property so it's simply a case of moving from one property to another.

He is very supportive I feel guilty at the thought of leaving as he has tried to help where possible. I have had difficultys at work for some time and the commute is no feasible not to mention the amount I'm paying out in travel. Its almost not worth what I'm earning.

I do understand the manager not wanting to invest time if I may leave it's not harsh at all. Its a business after all.
I meant to put in my op I plan to have another job lined up although again going to be difficult with the home situation.

Thanks very much for your reply

Hopefullywaiting Wed 03-Feb-16 00:23:58

#Moving from property to another on x date.

Fluffyears Wed 03-Feb-16 17:36:25

I've done this I had two weeks holiday approved for a few months (was going abroad) then I got a new job so I handed in 4 weeks notice and it ended up that I worked two weeks then my final two weeks were holiday (was great). As long as you have enough holiday accrued it should be ok.

Hopefullywaiting Wed 03-Feb-16 22:20:23

Hi Fluffyears
Ah thanks for your post. I wasn't sure if an employer would see me taking holiday during my notice period as unreasonable. I also feel a bit underhand booking a second consecutive week of holiday, if I know I am thinking to hand in notice. I also wasn't sure as the annual leave for the current week booked has only been approved for about a month.
Hopefully it will be OK like you say and I dont need to cancel it. Thanks again for ur reply xx

ThoughtfulPenny Wed 03-Feb-16 22:37:21

If the holiday year starts in January then you're only entitled to 11.2 days for the year ( if stat min holiday) so by end of Feb you'll only have accrued 2 days of holiday.
I've no idea whether they'd make you work your full notice period but just thinking that you definitely wouldn't be due any other holiday days over the ones you've booked.

DragonsCanHop Wed 03-Feb-16 22:46:46

thoughtful is right and I just wanted to add that we had a bank holiday on the 1st Jan so depending on the days you work you might want to look at that.

You are having a horrible time at the moment and I'm so sorry it's happening, would you be able to get signed off for a few weeks to sort things out and see if you can keep your job?

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