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Tell me about industrial action...

(6 Posts)
LokiDokey Mon 01-Feb-16 17:17:59

Not been in this situation before, and changed a few details so as not to out.

My workplace is going to be closed to the public in 2 weeks (barring a resolution). 80% of staff are full time. I'm in the 20% that is part time. I'm not in the union involved (or any other union). My job relies on those members of the public being there so there will be nothing at all for me to do on that day.

I've been given a letter today explaining about the action, the picket line etc and the fact that if I don't go in then I lose a days pay. The issues they are striking over are not something that affects me but the letter does say that staff not directly involved may refuse to cross the picket line.

So whats the done thing here? Do I crack on as usual? Half my colleagues will be out, half in. I'm so firmly on the fence I have arse splinters grin

Shakey15000 Mon 01-Feb-16 22:15:05

Completely up to you if you decide to go in or not.

Not in the union= you choose to go in and get paid (even if there's thumb twiddling)

Not in the union= you choose to stay off, lose a day's pay.

In the union= strike, lose a day's pay.

In the union= cross the sometimes sparse picket line and work, get paid. This is considered very bad form.

Lokidokey Mon 01-Feb-16 23:05:03

I'm leaning towards staying away tbh, mostly because I have a suspicion that we will be given some of the more unpleasant cleaning tasks that are usually reserved for contractors (think chewed gum removal).

I think my main worry is if this kind of thing comes back at you when you're trying to move up in the company.

2ndSopranosRule Tue 02-Feb-16 21:55:40

If you're not in the union you'll need to be in work. Last time we had any industrial action those intending on striking had to sign something to say they were.

Cross the picket line. If you get any abuse report to HR.

Lokidokey Tue 02-Feb-16 22:54:36

It resolved itself actually and action has now been cancelled. Interesting though should the scenario rear it's head again.
Thank you

EBearhug Wed 03-Feb-16 01:00:51

My sister used to take a day's paid leave, so she didn't go in, but didn't lose a day's pay, either - she couldn't afford to lose a day's pay at all, she was pretty much hand-to-mouth as it was.

I have never worked somewhere that has been on strike at the time I was working there - I have had a couple of strike ballots, but both went for no strike in the end. I can't actually remember what I voted now.

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