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Fixed term contract

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freyabodeya Fri 29-Jan-16 17:02:17


I'm feeling very confused and could really do with some help. I have an interview next week for a fixed term position that would end in December 2016, however I am already 11 weeks pregnant, meaning maternity leave starting before the contract ends.

Do I have to tell them I am pregnant at the interview? Or before signing the contract if I get the job? I really want to work for this organisation, and they recruit every year so if I get the job I would really like for them to consider taking me on again after my maternity leave ends next year. If I don't tell them they may feel I've tricked them into hiring a pregnant person who cannot complete the fixed term contract and therefore an untrustworthy person to re-hire.

Also is it legal to sign a fixed term contract knowing you will have to break the contract early by going on maternity leave?

Any ideas?

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