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Senior Management Team away day ideas

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SasherinSuite Mon 25-Jan-16 17:03:02

I need to organise an away day for the SMT as they desperately need to make some decisions about the direction of the organisation.

There will be 9 of them from different parts of the business (think Finance, Engineering, Maintenance, etc). I was thinking of dividing the day into 4/5 sessions covering a separate topic/issue/question.

Has anyone had any experience of running away days and have any suggestions about how to plan the day? No icebreakers please!

2ndSopranosRule Mon 25-Jan-16 19:23:15

No experience of running one but experience of being a part of one.

It was two days actually and involved an overnight stay and a lot of alcohol. We did group exercises and one thing that was interesting was that the groups were mixed after a while to change the dynamic. This was good as another group then had to put up with the argumentative arse from IT...

Based on what I sat through, I'd say make it relevant to all. In other words, don't have a session based on the development of finance department, for example. have presentations and group work. Another thing I thought worked well was the facilitators were on hand to speak for groups if noone wanted to do this so there was no pressure.

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