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Bank midwifery

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Laurah1979 Sat 23-Jan-16 20:11:00

I have worked as a midwife for many years but after having 2 children and changing Trusts, I am now in a position where I am not sure how I can continue working the hours I am working. The childcare costs I pay take nearly 3/4 of the salary I take home so I am effectively working for a very small amount of money. My children are bad sleepers and I have to do regular on calls. My husband works long hours and works away a lot so I find its a constant juggling act trying to find childcare. My son starts school in September and is likely to get in to the local school which has no before and after school clubs and childminders are in very short supply. I just don't know how people manage.
My question really is about leaving contracted hours and joining the bank. Has anyone done this and did you find your working life improved? I absolutely love my job but not the conditions I now have to work in. I would probably stay on the bank at the hospital I am employed at presently but does anyone know whether you are able to join multiple banks at different hospitals? What are the up sides and down side to bank work? Hoping someone might have some experience in this area. Thanks lovely ladies

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