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Worried I don't have a job to return to - advice please

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SaffaQueen Fri 22-Jan-16 17:27:10

Hi ladies, am looking for a spot of advice please.
I am currently 6 months into my maternity leave. My employer prides itself in being a top company to work for/being supportive of working moms. in terms of my maternity policy, I can take up to 12 months off but was thinking about returning closer to 10 months. Shortly before I went on leave, my very supportive boss left the company and was replaced by someone with a slightly "ruthless" reputation. In my final 2 weeks I worked hard, to try show my new boss I was hard working and keen. He is slightly more aloof and did not even come say goodbye on my final day. The point I am trying to make is that I feel did not really have time to build a relationship with him or really prove myself to him during those 2 weeks, whereas my colleagues would have had 6 months and counting to do so.
My role was split into 2 - half of the workload picked up by a colleague who had capacity and the other half by someone returning from maternity leave.
Catching up with some colleagues the other day, they updated me on all the news. Apparently my boss is bringing in someone else that he worked with previously into the team to do part of the role picked up by my colleague. Which has really started me wondering whether I have a role anymore to come back to? Quite honestly, I don't think there is enough work for the current team (who are all permanent) and me.
I am starting to get really worried about returning to work only to be made redundant. I know that your employer is meant to offer you a suitable alternative job, but what happens if there just aren't any suitable vacancies ( a real possibility as there have been redundancies within the business). Does this the.n count as a bona fide redundancy situation? Plus what defines "suitable" alternative? Can you be offered a lower role for example?

The other thing playing on my mind is that I would like to relocate to our offices in my husband and my home country if the opportunity arose (to be closer to our parents). However I am not sure how and when to raise this with him as it may definitely put that redundancy target right above my head.

I know I need to go in and have a discussion with my boss about my plans, but I am feeling very wary and worried.

Any advice on how to approach and redundancy rights during maternity leave?

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