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PND and going back to work

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fondationmaeght Tue 19-Jan-16 17:16:13

Hi I've just managed to get a job I really wanted and I'm just shocked I got it. Anyway I've had to declare my health.
I've been diagnosed with PND sept and I'm on tablets.
I've just got a call saying they are booking me in for a 30 mins phone call with a occupational nurse (?).
Now I'm worried it will be turned down. But I think it's good for my PND to go back to work.
Anyone know the score in this situation?

EmmaWldn Thu 28-Jan-16 15:05:42

I have found that occupational health are often quite helpful and she or he might give you some support in returning to work. You could ask what the purpose of the call is and you may find that they want to know how to support you. As long as you tell her that you are ready to work and are getting better then hopefully you will be OK. There is a risk that refusing to have the call would be seen as unreasonable and leave you in a worse situation.

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