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how do working tax credits get processed. thanks

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captainredapple Sun 17-Jan-16 12:17:09

With Working Tax Credits, what's the processing procedure? I wrote to them in October because my hours reduced and I requested another application pack (if it was going to be needed) and they eventually sent me one but in the middle of December. And apparently because my hours had been under 30 hours for 4 weeks or more, I would have been required to reapply. I seem to remember applying once before by post* and being advised to phone and request a pack. Do you just have to abide by what the current way of processing things is at the time and it is just literally once they've got the form, that things will happen...

*I think this was just over a year ago.


uhoh2016 Wed 20-Jan-16 05:17:22

Not sure why you wrote to them you could've told them your change in circumstances over the phone hmm

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