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Finally complained re line manager - will this backfire

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Millionairerow Thu 14-Jan-16 14:35:11

I've had a real personality clash with my manager and it's got to epic proportions. She came from another company we acquired. Because of their sheer numbers they literally took over most of the team lead positions but have a different culture. Even our former head of dept was shoved down a level but still runs the dept. she is my line managers boss so I have said to her I really need an out as I'm looking for other jobs and she is creating me a great deal of stress. I don't want it to get to HR level but our head of dept has said she will try to get me reporting as she has noticed this clash ( I've been at this company for 5 years with no prior problems). Now I'm really stressed on what comes next. My boss has been undermining me by spying on what I'm doing by asking my colleagues. She frequently wades in and causes me extra work which is not doing the business any good. Should I see what she comes up with or get out? I have a cv in for another job but I work 100% from home so getting something quick will be tricky. Thx

UnderTheCovers Thu 14-Jan-16 14:54:59

I world for a boss who was considered very good by the company, but I just couldn't get on with him. I was undermined, demotivated, and ended up on Anti Depressants. I managed to get an internal move because the blue je who was placing the advert told me to apply, and was happy for a couple of years, then we bought another company (15 months ago, I wonder if it is the same merger??!), and restructuring put me back under old manager. I had to go to HR. I was a mess with it. I literally felt sick when the structure when up, and I realised who I'd be reporting to, assuming I got "my" job back. HR were amazing, really supportive, and Sat with me through hours of tears. Ultimately, nothing changed with new-old boss. He promised he would change, but reverted to old behaviours within a few weeks. I quit.

From my experience, I'd say talk to HR. Your prepared to quit anyway, so if they make things worse, hand in your notice, but they might solve things. Either way it gives you longer to find a new job.


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