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new job woes

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Faye12345 Tue 12-Jan-16 18:40:11

Hi all. Started a new job last month and im struggling already. My old job was too stressful so i down banded to this job. Ive got no experience in this area so its not surprising but today I could have cried. My mentor is nice but not approachable and her voice is very low so i struggle to hear her. Theres no one in the team i feel i can approach. I just hate feeling out of my depth and i know the team think im stupid. I took 6 and 4 weeks off respectively in the job ive just left as I just couldnt copeconfused

daisychain01 Wed 13-Jan-16 09:14:05

Hi Faye, firstly please remember that only 4 weeks into your role, you are very new. Please be gentle on yourself and don't expect yourself to have to know everything in depth, that isn't realistic.

I am concerned your mentor is not approachable! The whole point of a mentor is they must provide support and be your guardian angel who you can confide in. If they aren't someone you can trust, start thinking out how you could change your mentor to someone who you can get guidance from. How were they assigned to you? Also if you can't hear what they are saying then that isnt helpful either.

I have mentored/coached lots of people in my career. My latest mentee sent me an email the other day to say how much more confident she is having had several sessions together. That's no me blowing my own trumpet, but just to say that is how your mentoring partnership should feel.

What specifically do you feel out of your depth about, if I may ask? If the things are specific to your role, information you need to do your duties, then I would suggest you ask lots of questions during these early weeks, write it all down in a notebook and also ask to see any formal process documentation or guidance that you can read up about.

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