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decisions, decisions!

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chocdonutyy Sun 10-Jan-16 09:22:15

(Without being too specific, although it can probably be googled!)
I currently work in a supermarket, next pay band up from standard staff as I've completed training and have more responsibility.
However my whole department across the company is being taken over externally, it's still going through some wrangles through the competitions board but looks like its going ahead very soon or could fall completely apart
So I've decided I want to move departments, Keep the benefits of working for the same company and easy to transfer if a role is available.
I've looked for something for a while and given managers the heads up but obviously at this time of year it's not great.
Currently there is 2 full time, same pay rate roles available but as a supervisory role, I've never done this before, plus never worked in those particular departments ever, so feel out of my depth.
There's another p/t role, with a cut in hours and pay and I have applied, although it's the same business and benefits the payroll is separate so I may not be able to bump my hours up with overtime which would be ideal although the job is safe and secure.
I'm hoping something else pops up soon or someone leaves but it's a nightmare trying to do the best for me and my daughter.

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