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Help me get some perspective......

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mammasmadhouse Sat 09-Jan-16 15:00:59

I currently work school hours as an administrator, I am the only admin member, so in terms of holidays etc. it is great, but I have no support in terms of development or otherwise, it is pretty much you are here to keep things running, which I do, I keep everything going, despite not knowing some days who else is going to be a round. My main boss is working in another area for 4 years but there are 2 deputies looking after things (well that is the theory) they are not based in the same office and have other roles as their main job, the deputy aspect is an add on if you see what I mean.
My role can be very isolating and I think over all I am bored. There have been a few niggles of late, manly with lack of communication in management, main manager wants/asks for one thing, deputies another, and neither will address or confront things. I quite often get caught up in the middle, which I am finding quite stressful, particularly as one of the deputies isn't happy with things at all. I started the year thinking that I would start looking for another role. Before going back after Xmas I had headaches/palpitations as well as the standard Monday morning dread.
I saw a part time role advertised before Xmas, same employer, that I was interested in, it was 6 hours less a week, which would mean some financial juggling. However, I didn't apply as I couldn't get clarification from the manager in terms of how the hours would be worked. I found out this week the role hasn't been appointed to.
I contacted the manager and she has advised that the role is 3 days, but there is flexibility around the actual days, she asked me to send my application to her which I have. However, I currently do the school run am and pm, this role would mean that potentially I could only do drop off's, and there is the financial aspect, so my gut instinct is saying this isn't going to work, but am I wrong to discount it..I don't want to lurch from one bad role to a mistake, I am sure I am over thinking things, but I feel that it will look bad on me for contacting the manager if I don't go any further...

Please help me get some perspective as I am confusing myself with this one...

mammasmadhouse Sat 09-Jan-16 18:39:13

Anyone have any words of wisdom..? How do I withdraw gracefully from this..?

DoreenLethal Sat 09-Jan-16 18:53:56

Wait until you have an offer and negotiate what it is you need.

Until then - stop overthinking it.

EBearhug Sat 09-Jan-16 19:12:10

Go for it - it's not an issue unless they offer you the job, and there are no guarantees of that these days, however good you are.

If you were to get an offer - you will need to find out what "flexible" means. If you can mostly do the same days, with a change once a month, that is quite different from it chopping and changing every single week with no notice. So you'd need to find that out before knowing how much of a difficulty it would be.

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